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Couple of weeks ago, i was stitting in a street cafe with some friends and two dutch girls who came to Egypt to visit a friend.While talking to one of the dutch girls she mentioned that she is traveling to israel next day to visit her best friend.
For a moment i decided that i don't care; she is a random girl and i will probably never see her again so i shouldn't make a big deal out of it.Later i decided to talk to her about her visit and try to know who she thinks. I basically did that because she is not an "ordinairy" dutch girl , i have talked to her before about different things and she has relatively "different" opinions than other Europian youth.
At the beginning i asked her why she is going and i knew she is going to meet hher friend who is married to an israili man and had just given birth to a baby girl.They went to school together and she wanted to see her friend's daughter.She later explained that her friend moved with her husband to isreal and has been living their for a while now.In addition to this i understood that her friend is just another racist woman who hates arabs and consider them all enemies.I was certainly not surprised with this, what really shocked me is the reaction of this dutch girl who really think this "very bad" of her friend and unfair but choses to ignore talking about it.Trying to get her view about the palestinian-israeli war and what's happened in lebanon she sounded very symathized but obviously not enough to take a positive decision,like for example , not going to Israel.
She later explained how she sympathizes with the palestinians but ALSO the israelis, she knows a lot of palestinian children die but ALSO israelis.The majority in Holland,according to her, are not pro-israel but not pro-arabs as well. She personally knows it's unfair to compare the victims of both sides but she does it anyway.She mentioned being helpless a lot while explaining that they are used to what is happening their and they can not but deal with it as it is.
The whole time she was very defensive and she kept defending her parents who she accuses of being racist.She told me about several incidents when they try to reduce the tension between the arabs living in Holland (mainly moroccans) and the dutch.
I am very very confused how to judge people who try to make the israelis and the palestinian seem equally victimized . The majority are divided between ignorance and indiffernce.

Later, i sent an e-mail to an Egyptian-Italian friend of mine asking him what he believes to be the solution for this conflict.He replied saying " I Also have a pretty strongly Plaestinian view, on the Israel/Palestene conflict, but now I don't believe ther's any more a way to send the Israely pople away....so Israel exists, and as soon as able we must make palestine exist too, and have two countries there". He also told me about The Parents Circle; a palestinian-Israeli organization of the families who lost relatives in the war.which i think is also biased.
I was personally always against the killing of the israeli civilians and had the utopian idea of the palestinians and israelis living together in peace,but after the Lebanese war,......?


Blogger MaLek said...

أول مره اعمل مجهود واقدر فعلا اقرى مقالة كامله بالانجليزي
شوفي يا عم سلمى
انا مش مهتم تماما بمقتل اي عدد من الصهاينه بجد لاسباب ياما مكرره قبل كدا الف مره
بس الازمه مش في كون اسرائيل موجوده وانه مات منها ناس الخ
الفكره اننا مبنعرفش نوصل الصوت اعتقد اني دي فكره قديمه اوي والفكره المسيطره علينا جميعا ان الصهاينه هم المسيطرين على الاعلام في كل مكان وبامارة مردوخ وفوكس الخ
زمان كانت الفكرة ان العرب لازم يبقالهم لوبي قوي يوصل للاعلام الخ الخ
انا شايف ان دا شئ مزعج جدا وان دا نوع من انواع الادوات الفاشيه زيه زي اللوبي الصهيوني
بس الفكره مش كدا
الفكره اننا بجد مالناش صوت
بمعنى ان الاراده الشعبيه كلها في اتجاه والنظام في اتجاه اخر تماما دولة زي فنزويلا ليه قدرت ان رئيسها يسحب سفير ويعمل كل اللي عمله وقدر انه يوجه الوعي الامريكي اللاتيني كله وجزء من الغربي اتجاه الحق العربي الانساني ؟
لان الارادة الشعبيه متحده مع ارادة النظام
لو دا حصل مش حنجد صعوبه في اقناع الغربيين بالحق بتاعنا او غيره ساعتها حيكون في شكل من اشكال الانظمة الشعبيه حيكون قادر انه يدافع عن الحق ويوصله

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Blogger Wild at Heart said...

The War on Lebanon was not the first conflict, or, if you may, massacres.All through the past 58 years,the Israelis have pushed their war machine beyond all limits.No talk of peace there.You can't have peace when the thieves are still in your house.

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Anonymous uneducated said...

I don't think the Lebanon war proved or changed anything. The situation is the same as it always has been. The war was just a more direct and obvious expression of the violence that occurs every day.

Without writing 1000 pages about the dynamics of European or American views of Palestine and the Middle East, I just want to say that I am glad you challenged these people to defend their views. One of the biggest problems is that the West has so much influence over the events in the Middle East, yet the people are almost never held responsible for their ignorance or their negligence. Unless Westerners are consistently confronted by those who are affected by their (Western) government’s positions, the positions of these governments will never change. It is important that you spoke with them and forced them to explain their views. It’s a little thing, but it helps.

Oh, and I will just add that I have mixed feelings about actually going to Israel. I have been there several times, and in many ways it gives you a chance to better understand the world. While also it does also support the political legitimacy of the Zionist state. I don’t think it is fair to say, “not going to Israel” is a “a positive decision.” That sounds to me like doing nothing, not something positive. Plus, many people I know, Palestinian, American, European and Jewish are doing amazingly good things to help the Palestinians while in Israel. Like I said, I am generally against going to Israel, but it is hard for me to condemn people for just going there. It matters a lot what they are doing when there…..

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Blogger IRC President said...

As MaLeK said: We do't have a voice.

Another problem: is that Israeli related voices are beginning to affect us arabs, this is the most dangerous effect of it. The trojan horse effect.

But what we must do is trying to explai n the whole thing.

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Anonymous اخبار اليوم said...

تسلم ايديك على الموضوع
اخبار اليوم-اخبار مصر

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