الاثنين، سبتمبر ١٨، ٢٠٠٦

Fuck You

"so Fuck you and you untouchable face
oh Fuck you,,for existing in the first place"
Wow,,it must have felt great when Ani Difranco
http://www.righteousbabe.com/ani/ thought about these words specially if u listen to the way she sings , so much energy,,the energy of hatred and disappointment which is developed,in my opinion, from the energy of love?!

Yesterday at the bus on my way home,one colleague asked if she can sit next to me and of course I said yes have chatted with her a couple of times in the caf and I found her wired :S .When I saw her that day she looked very fresh and happy,,very happy,,like flying and she was talking all the time,,saying things I didn't get very well,,I was busy watching her face,,really she seemed the happiest person on earth and I later found out she took her first salary, but this is not it,,couple of moments left and she started to talks bout what she will do with this money,,how she will give some to her mom,,(why?) oh her parents are separated,,,her father left them!No divorce(why?) Christians!uha,,father traveled,,mother stuck in the country not married and not divorced for the rest of her life with three children all the butterflies turned to tears,,the poor girl was crying after 10 years she is still crying,,with me,,a complete stranger,,about her father who abandoned her,her mother,her brother and her sisters.
Today in the morning I passed by my university and yesterday by my school,,it's really corny but I miss school days already!


Anonymous Alif said...

I used to find it very strange when total strangers confide such things to me when I had just met them a day ago!

٤:٣٣ م  
Anonymous اخبار اليوم said...

تسلم ايديك على الموضوع
اخبار اليوم-اخبار مصر

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