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Will Kefaya "leaders" shape up?

I was surprised , really, to see Mr. George Ishak crying in the press confrence held in the lawyer's syndicate yesterday , and i wondered Why?wasn't he expecting this to happen to the youth?Does he feel guilty or maybe even responsible? we all noticed the disappearence of the so-called leaders of the reform movements wether "kefaya",or "Al horeya al Ann" or even the opposition parties specially "Al-Tagamoo" and i was wondering what are they waiting for?why don't we see them next to us in the demonstrations?and why only in the press confrences and on tv.? Maybe Sharkawy was the scapegoat that will make a difference,maybe someone has to be tortured to convince them that there is a big issue. We(kefaya ,youth for change and people interested in reform) have been doing demonstrations for almost two years, and as one poliece officer once told me"we have not done anything to you in two years,,it's time for us to work".But when it's time for real things to be done,we found ourself alone,with no support,maybe only the support of some individuals .
As i talked to a number of my friends in detention , i found that the common feeling they shared was that they are abandoned from the so-called "older people","el kobaar".Maybe we were mistaken to count on them in the first place,,maybe we should only depend on ourselves and seek protection from nobody.Or on the other hand,we may have to change who used to be called leaders for ones who won't let us down!


Blogger haisam (jarelkamar) said...

I strongly Hope to ...

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Blogger The Ancient said...

I think the problem with Kefaya is that there is no leader. There needs to be a leader, a symbol of the opposition. Just like there was a Lech Walesa in Poland, a Martin Luther King Jr. in America and a Gandhi in India, there needs to be someone in Egypt. It doesn't have to be someone big, it could be someone like Droubi who can galvanize a large population to support the cause. That is what is missing in this opposition movement. I hope though, that it will continue to grow and make in roads into changing Egypt.

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Blogger salma said...

i Actually thought that what was cool about "kefaya" is that it has no leaders.that u don't assign this mission of galvanizing a large population to one person,which is very reasonable coz we(kefaya memeber's) have different ideologies and diffrent methods but supposidly one goal.what i meant by "leaders" in my post was the supposidly older people who are well-known for their activism an "Nedaal".

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Anonymous اخبار اليوم said...

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